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Stratigraphic rex LLC is a Limited Liability Company offering paleontological monitoring and surveying services for Wyoming.  We also provide professional assistance in prospecting, excavating, and preparation of fossil vertebrates for various academic and scientific institutions.

WDIS was a nonprofit organization designed to support paleontological resources in Wyoming.  This organizaion is no longer active.  For historical activities contact Melissa Connely




Stratigraphic rex LLC, is a small business with 16 years of experience with paleontological resources.  It is owned and operated by Melissa Connely. 




Melissa Connely  is a full time instructor in the Earth Science Dept. and the Klaenhammer Earth Science Chair at Casper College.   She was recently awarded the Rosenthal Outstanding Educator Award.  She has received her Master's Degree in Geology from Utah State University.  Her field of expertise is in stratigraphy and paleoecology.  She has over twelve years experience working with Jurassic fossils including many sauropods from the Morrison Formation.  Melissa carries a BLM survey and research permit for the State of Wyoming.  Recent research projects include the mapping and identification of pterosaur tracks in Central Wyoming and inchnological traces from the Mowry Shale.  She has worked with many entities and individuals from the Tate Geological Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Judith River Dinosaur Institute, University of New Orleans, Brigham Young University, Casper College, Jurassic Park Institute, and Bureau of Land Management.  Melissa is also a member of many scientific organizations including Wyoming Geological Association, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Geological Society of America, etc.



List of Publications:


Eagle, Robert A, Tuetken, Thomas, Martin, Taylor S., Tripati, Aradhna K., Fricke, Henry D., Connely, Melissa, Cifelli, Richard L., Eiler, John M., 2011, Dinosaur body temperatures determined from isotopic ((super13) C – (super 18) O) ordering in fossil biominerals; Science (0036-8075), v. 333, i. 6041, p. 443 – 445.

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Drake, M. and Wahl Jr., W., 1994, A description of two marine reptiles from the upper Sundance Formation, WY, Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook, Forty-Fourth Annual Field Conference, p. 179-187.





Contact Information

For more information about WDIS or Stratigraphic rex LLC, please contact Melissa Connely using the information below. 

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2210 E. 17th Casper WY 82609
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